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Dear witches and goblins, demons and devils, vampires of all shapes and sizes (and levels of sparkliness), rejoice for our night of joy upon us. Please be warned, though, that those pesky humans are getting uncomfortably close to celebrating All Hallows Eve as merrily as we, the creatures of the night, do. 

But there is one domain where we outshine their efforts by a margin, and that is engaging video content. None can shoot a blood-chilling Halloween video quite as well as the wicked children of the dark. 

That is why, in order to maintain our supremacy in the niche, I, the honorable master of slime, the arch warlock from the Crooked Hill, the honorary member of the Spooks Awards Association – the one and only Goblin King, am publishing this memo containing wickedly unforgettable Halloween video ideas you, my children, are (FYI: effective immediately) obligated to use or fear the might of the goblin curse. 

Why am I making such a big deal out of this?

Well, according to the research provided by the lovely ghouls from our marketing department, 73% of US consumers will be participating in Halloween 2024 celebrations (4% more than in 2022). This is a chance businesses cannot miss, as 73% of US consumers are willing to spend for goods or services from sellers and social media influencers of all shapes and sizes. Giant spiders don’t feed themselves, you know.

Well, technically, they do, but that is the worst-case scenario. Let’s not go down that road, shall we?

Without further ado, let’s see what kind of videos businesses and YouTube influencers are making in order to engage their loyal and not that loyal audience.

Top 7 Halloween Video Ideas for Your Business

With the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh in our memories, it’s clear that the way we celebrate special occasions has changed dramatically. In 2024, Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re all wondering how this traditionally social holiday will be different this year. Despite the spooky reputation of Halloween, it’s always been a time for coming together and having fun. Let’s see what this year has in store for us!

More people are opting for indoor activities this year. As a response, businesses have been adapting by boosting their online presence and concentrating on content marketing.

As the business world evolves, video content reigns as the king of all marketing tools. As a savvy marketer or entrepreneur like yourself, you’re always on the hunt for fresh and creative video concepts that will capture your audience’s attention.

To assist in this endeavor, we provide a monthly calendar highlighting various big and small events that businesses can leverage to create compelling video content for their clientele. If you’re interested, you can explore our content calendar for October.

As Halloween approaches, we’ve curated a selection of seven highly effective video ideas that can be harnessed to promote your business.

Let’s dive in and explore these creative opportunities!

An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Video

This is more like a treasure hunt video idea except that it is Halloween-themed. Now, this strategy is fairly popular for offline businesses, but only a relatively few businesses do this for their online stores. There is actually a way you can create an engaging offline Halloween scavenger hunt video and also involve your online audience. That way, you will not only entertain them but also drive sales to your online stores!

So how is it done?

First, you can simply host and film a scavenger hunt at your workplace, hiding treasures at random places and leaving clues for your teammates. Then, you can also leave clues within the video specifically for your online audience. For example, you can place a pumpkin emoji at a particular point within your video, tell your viewers ahead of time to look out for their own clues, and if they find it, they should copy the timestamp and use it as a discount code for anything they buy from your store!

Here’s a tutorial that should give you a general idea of how to make an engaging Halloween scavenger hunt video:

Halloween Costume Contest

Wearing Halloween costumes to work is strange, but that’s the point! It gives a better definition of the order of the day when everyone at your workplace appears on Halloween Day dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes. To spice things up, you can host a Halloween costume contest for your staff and also film it for your audience on social media.

You can even ask them to vote for their favorite characters!

This is a way of showing your audience the cool, fun culture at your workplace, just like this Toyota dealer did.

Another thing you could do is host a contest for your audience, tell them to send their best Halloween costume pictures and invite their friends to vote.

By the end of the contest, you can offer a prize to the participant with the highest likes. This will not only be fun for your followers but also boost engagement on your page!

If you’re planning on making a Halloween video, you might want to consider some popular costume ideas from 2024. Here are some suggestions:

  • Barbie and Ken from “Barbie”
  • Wednesday Addams from “Wednesday”
  • Beyonce’s Alien Superstars
  • Blue Ivy from The Renaissance World Tour.
  • Taylor Swift from the Eras Tour
  • A Nepo Baby
  • Daisy Jones from “Daisy Jones & The Six”
  • Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”
  • Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet

Just don’t go too far. You don’t want to spill the beans and get them thinking about our organization, do you?

Pumpkin Carving Contests

This one is a little similar to the costume contest. But this time, your workers are going to be carving pumpkins. Create a video recording of your workers carving their pumpkins while a timer counts down and, in the end, ask your viewers to vote for the most creative carving.

You can also hold a contest for your followers, asking them to send pictures of their best pumpkin carvings, the ones with the highest likes would earn a prize.

Here’s an example:

A Halloween Virtual Party

In general, companies don’t always use Halloween as a time to make crazy sales. The crazy sales are mostly for people selling Halloween items. However, Halloween is an opportunity to get in front of fun-loving people, grab attention, build a fan base, and eventually strike with a sales offer when the time is right.

One of the best ways of going about this is hosting a fun virtual party with your audience.

How do you do that?

Simply host a real Halloween party for your company, with your workers and other invitees all present at the party. Afterward, you can put it on a live stream for your audience to join from their various locations.

You can even make the party interactive by adding real-time comments, polls, challenges, and jump scares!

You can also create a nice invitation video to hype them up for the party ahead of time. Here’s a cool example.

Scary Company Pranks

What’s the point of Halloween if nobody gets scared to the bones? Seriously, pulling a scary prank on your employees can get people talking about your company.

Simply plant hidden cameras all over the workplace and pull some of your most frightening pranks on a few of your employees. Here’s an inspiration on how you can scare the bejesus out of your employees on Halloween.

You can also make a video compilation of successful pranks, including your victims’ hilarious reactions, and share it with your followers!

Scare the hell out of a bunch of people, shoot it on film, add a couple of filters, stickers, and creative effects in your video editor, such as Animotica, and you’ll get yourself an all-time YouTube classic. It is really that simple!

Here’s a great example:

Run a Halloween Promo

Halloween, while it’s not exactly for buying and selling like Black Friday, you can definitely scoop in some sales with it. All you need is to craft the right offer, create an engaging promo video around the offer, and share it with your audience.

Find a way to shape your promo to fit into the Halloween theme and even give them a Halloween-style promo code.

Here’s an example:

Create a Branded Halloween Commercial

Branded commercials are not intended to sell stuff directly. It’s more about creating engagement and passing a subtle message about your brand while building authority within your business niche.

Companies do this every festive season, from Christmas to New Year. You can join the train and have your company’s Halloween experience take a better turn.

Halloween commercials were especially popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Here’s an example from Budweiser:

Top 5 Halloween Video Ideas for YouTube Influencers

Halloween on YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber, chances are that you’re looking for video ideas to keep your audience engaged throughout Halloween. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of top-performing video ideas for Halloween so you can stop stressing over it.

We’ll keep it simple. We’ll list a few categories of YouTube Channels, from gaming to food, and give examples of Halloween-themed content going on in such channels. That way, no matter what niche you fall into, you can see what type of content your competitors are creating.

Let’s jump into it!

Halloween Video Ideas for Gaming Channels

Gaming channels on YouTube typically create videos suggesting a few ‘creepy’ games you could play during Halloween while testing some of them out for you to see.

Here’s an example video by Game Sack:

Here are some other content from Gaming Channels to check out:

Halloween Video Ideas for Fashion Channels

Who can teach a human to look scary better than a professional ghoul or vicious fiend? Yes, some of the secrets of a frightening appearance may seem trivial to you, but that’s only because you are a professional. Share a couple of aces from your sleeves with the crowd, and you’ll be drowning in likes and social media engagement. 

During Halloween, YouTube fashion channels usually come up with Halloween costume ideas, clothing DIY techniques, unboxing cheap Halloween costumes, etc.

Here’s an example by Roxxsaurus:

Other Halloween fashion content you can check out include:

Halloween Video Ideas for DIY Channels

Quit working on your fiendish contraptions, traps, and hell pit spikes for a little while, and give into the Halloween DIY spirit. Teach the mortals about the true ways of making one’s lair spooky!

DIY/How To channels usually come up with tricks on how to create amazing stuff with random items lying around. From decorating a room to carving pumpkins, there’s a lot of stuff you can do on Halloween. In fact, DIY channels are the most-watched channels during Halloween.

Here’s a video by Sarah Hawkinson

Here are a few other contents you can check out:

Halloween Video Ideas for Food Channels

What do mortals love more than eating delicious food? Watching a looped video of it being made.

Thus, on Halloween’s Day, food channels come up with creative Halloween recipes that viewers can use to spice up their celebration.

How can you tell which recipe to shoot on this very special occasion? There is actually a very sophisticated test for this exact instance.

Does your food contain pumpkin?

If yes, then you are 100% good to go.

Present a recipe video with an All Hallows Eve twist

Here’s an example video by Tasty:

There are several other channels you can check out, but here are a few recommendations:

Halloween Video Ideas for Movie Channel

What is a good Halloween movie to watch? – Sometimes, people just want to end the day with some scary movies on Halloween’s Day. Movie channels on YouTube are known for curating top scary movies for their viewers. If you run a movie channel, then take a look at this video from The Binger:

You can also check out these other channels as well:


Which of these Halloween video ideas impressed you the most? We hope that you’d try of a few, and when you do, we’ll be happy to know how it went!

To make videos like those we presented in the article, you might want to have reliable video editing software. If you don’t have a video editor yet, go ahead and try Animotica, a rich, easy-to-use video editor.

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