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Why should you use stickers in your videos?

It’s simple: when used the right way, stickers can light up a boring video!

Several websites offer premium stickers at different prices, but there are many websites providing awesome stickers for free (clearly, not all heroes wear capes!)

So, today we will reveal 5 of these free stickers stocks, so you can start checking them out right away!

Let’s dive into it!


Source: Freepik

Freepik is a search engine for high-quality vector images, photos, illustrations, and PSD files.

With over 50 million downloads every month, Freepik is among the most extensive repositories for graphic resources.

The website offers five downloads per day for non-registered users. However, registered users can download 30 stickers (or any other free graphic resource) per day.



Vecteezy is often compared with Freepik because of their similarities. They have a vast user base, including top brands like Amazon, Google, and BBC.

However, unlike Freepik, the platform allows registered to download as many graphic resources as they want, at any time!

PNG Tree

PNG Tree

PNG Tree has millions of graphic resources, from PNGs to illustrations. It updates its repository with over 200,000 graphical contents every month. These contents have transparent backgrounds. Thus, they can fit into your video clips without requiring the chroma key functionality.



Tenor is among the most popular platform for GIFs and animated stickers. With over 300 million users every month, the platform can be accessed through popular apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, etc.



GIPHY is arguably the most popular search engine for GIFs and animated stickers. With over 700 million users, the platform has uploaded over 10 billion stickers, GIFs, and videos.

Just like Tenor, you can access GIPHY from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Animotica.

Using Stickers on Animotica

Animotica allows its users to add stickers to their videos. In fact, Animotica has its own library of native stickers in different categories, such as healthcare, romance, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.

For animated stickers, Animotica provides a free integration with GIPHY. You only need to add your desired sticker as an overlay to your video and that would be all.

Download Animotica


Clearly, stickers have gotten easier to access and use in recent times. This has made video editing projects a lot more fun for beginners and pros.

While using Animotica, you’ll find that the in-app stickers and GIPHY will usually suffice. But just in case you need something a little different, be sure to save up these websites and visit them from time to time.


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