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In this article we will explain how to choose video editing platform that meets all your needs and requirements. You will learn what are the signs of a perfect video editing platform and how to make the selection process easier.

In January 2018, there were 85% of U.S. internet users who spent time watching videos on different social media platforms. According to Statista’s online video report, this number is likely to go up in 2020, when there will be approximately 236 million digital video consumers. 

In another data published by Statista, from a study conducted in March 2019, it was shown that the online video properties with the most viewers are Google Sites, with 161.02 million unique viewers, followed by Facebook, with 57.1 million unique viewers. Trailing the top ten properties are VEVO, Comcast NBCUniversal, and Amazon Sites. 

Most popular online video properties in the USA chart
Statista research shows that Google sites have the highest share of unique viewers.

These numbers are not surprising since humans are most engaged visually. In fact, video marketing is a strategy that provides marketers with 66% more qualified leads each year, as noted by OptinMonster

But before you shake your head at the prospect of having to learn video editing, you should know that there are now numerous video editing software platforms that don’t require a high level of knowledge (something you would need to maximize Adobe Premiere). What’s more, these are user-friendly with intuitive interfaces and tools for seamless video creation and editing. 

1. Let it convert

Some video editing software support only selected video formats. This can be a problem when your camera or device only saves videos in a single file type. However, there is a solution to this. And there is no need to purchase, download, and install a video converter, too. 

How is that possible, you may wonder. The best professional video editing software usually would offer the option to convert your existing video file in a compatible type. 

The process is easy because all you need to do is select the video (or videos) with the format you want to change and click the convert button. 

That’s it! Once the conversion is done, you get a new video file that is of the right format so that you can work on it using your selected video editing platform without further problems. If you’re working with more simple video editing software that usually doesn’t require too much of video editing skills, and probably accepts only the most popular video formats, such as mp4, you might need to prepare your file for editing. In this case, here is the list of top online free video converters to get the desirable video format in a minute.

2. Select your target channel

Different platforms have varying standards when it comes to videos they can support. Fortunately, when you choose the right video making software, you can find these video size presets from a menu. This means that you can simply select whether you are editing a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat video. 

Target channels for your video.

Once you have made your choice, you can see that the program adjusted your video automatically. This way, you do not have to sweat over the resizing details when making a cool video to post on your social media accounts.

But aspect ratio options are not limited to social media sites. You can also select ultra-wide and classic TV ratios for enjoying videos on wider screens. 

3. Remove the shakes

Shaky videos are not nice to watch. So even if you have interesting content, you are not likely to hold the attention of your viewers with shaky frames. Still, you can remedy that effortlessly with a video editor. 

Simple yet powerful solutions these days offer the option to stabilize videos like these video editing platforms for Mac. When you use this feature, there is nothing much you have to do except for waiting while the application does its stabilization magic. If you only have a short video, it will only take a minute or faster. 

On top of that, you can choose where you can save the stabilized video so that you can find it without a sweat. 

4. Pick out a background

Do you want to make your video pop with backgrounds? Doing so is not as challenging as you would like to believe. That is because you can pick out a background from a curated selection, which would suit the style or mood of your video. This is applicable when you do your video editing online or offline, depending on the solution you like to use. 

You do not have to shell out a huge amount to access these video backgrounds, as there are plenty of options available in a basic video editing package. This is especially beneficial if you are planning for self-sufficient self-employment

The same applies if you have a small business composed of several members for your photo and video shoots and editing. However, if the basic backgrounds are not enough for you, you still have the option to upgrade your program to unlock premium backgrounds. Thus, you can create videos that match your ideas without having to do complex actions or apply elaborate techniques.

5. Choose your effects

Similar to picking out a background, choosing effects is as simple as deciding which one would go well with your video. There are a plethora of selections available in a video editing platform. You only have to make a decision and click! Once you do, the program applies the effects automatically throughout the whole video. Or, if you want to limit it to a certain portion only, you can choose to do so, too. 

If you have been using photo sharing platforms, you may be familiar with filters. This is similar to what you are doing with effects on your videos. Like photo filters, you can make adjustments to the effects. But if you are satisfied with the default, there is no need to take further action other than saving your file!

Read how to use Blending effect to change the color of your video overlay.

6. Apply background music or soundtrack

What is a video without accompanying sounds? If you do not want a scrappy sound as your background music, you can opt for one in your sound or music library. Much like importing a video to the video editing solution, you can drag and drop the file or select it via the windows explorer. 

But if you don’t have any sound file that you like saved locally, your video editing program can help. There are those, such as Animotica, that offer royalty-free music even for free or basic packages. And if you want more, you can sign up for a premium plan for a broader selection. 

Furthermore, like in backgrounds and effects, the sound will apply to the beginning of the video til the end. That is unless you specify where it should start and end exactly.

7. Create text style presets

One thing that can really help automate video editing is text style presets. If you are creating videos for your brand or for multiple brands, you can create these presets. What you have to do is write text and style it as you wish from the font to the color even to the background, motion, opacity and blending, location, start and end times, and text layer. 

Create preset text style
Create preset text style

This is how you can do it in video editor.

After you have edited it to your satisfaction, you can save your text styles. The next time you open a video and want to apply some branding to it, you can select the text style that you have made previously. With this, you can already save a lot of time. 

Moving forward with video editing

If you are looking to start a second business that involves videos or if you have an existing venture working with videos, it is imperative that you have a partner that can make your tasks easier for you. A simple yet robust and feature-rich video editing application can be that partner. If it has automation capabilities in any manner, then it can mean a lot to your business because of the time you get to save. 

There are many examples of such solutions available but the best one would always be the solution that has the tools that can meet your needs. And, of course, it has to meet your budget so that you can gain ROI without waiting too long. 

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