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Now that we’ve settled on how to trim, crop, and edit a video on Instagram, covered the basics of the most popular video formats, and dived deeper into what these videos should look and feel like, we feel that you are ready to skyrocket through that a few millions of followers threshold. 

Here’s how you do it!

The first impression matters

It does, especially in a couple of seconds-long video. You simply don’t have the time to build up an intrigue. Go straight to the point. Show what matters on second 1 or risk gathering dust on the bottom of one’s feed. 

Text matter

Large, colorful fonts attract the eye like a moth to a flame. But that’s not even the best part about adding text. Here’s the deal: not only will you be grabbing attention from the first seconds, but you’ll get your message across even to those viewers who don’t feel like clicking on your video at the moment. Learn how to add text to your video and animate it.

Be the handyman

Your content is only viable if it offers an immediate solution. Feel free to use educational and life hack videos, but don’t confuse them for the pinnacle of engaging entertainment. Great visuals and a good soundtrack are as much a solution for those feeling a bit blue or under the weather (if not more) as the top ten cooking tips post they’ve already seen like 17 times now. 

Don’t be the Jack of all trades

A single video has a single story, message, and narrative. If you’d like to tell more, please make more videos. Everybody likes cake. Fewer people will enjoy steak in their cake, even if it’s a medium-raw god of all Rib-eye. 

Never, ever make ads

We’ve escaped the commercialized world of TV entertainment for the comfort of ad-free content for a reason. Dragging your audience back into the corporate pit is as good of an idea, as pointing a toy pistol at a Harlem cop. The backfire’ll hurt A LOT. 

Don’t forget about the rules

Instagram is a mobile-first social media platform. As such, it shows videos on mobile screens, hence the dimensions talk above. Sure, nothing’s stopping you from ignoring the rulebook, but you don’t want people seeing your work cut in all the best places, do you? 

Be consistent

Creators, artists, and even marketers all have their distinct styles. Yes, they create content that’s outside the box, but they also create a new box of their own for it. It is that box that most of their fans enjoy digging through like it’s on a garage sale in the 80es. Make sure your fans know what to expect! 

Test stuff out

Nobody is perfect and failure is as much a part of the journey as the finish line. Not all of your videos will fly high. Your job is to understand why. You are to avoid the mistakes you’ve made. Play around with the backgrounds, effects, stickers, colors, and fonts to know what your audience resonates with. 

Have fun

Making videos is awesome! Of course, learning how to edit videos for your Instagram account is not something that will make you milliner. The most important thing and the secret of the success is to LOVE what you do! Only this way you can achieve the highest ‘likability’, no matter what kind of content format you use.

No wonder that the most successful Instagram accounts are accounts of celebrities…Who else can know better what their fans want than celebrities posting content about their own life?

Feel free to reach out if you still have any questions, and don’t forget to play around with the Animotica video editor. It’s free!

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